Can I add new rides any time during the event?
No. You can add new rides up till 11:59pm on August 10.

Can I register a new team or add a member to my team after the event starts?
Yes. You can register a new team or a new member at any time during the event and are allowed to enter ride laps from the previous 48 hours of registration.

What are the event dates?
32 day event starting sunrise July 15 to sunset August 15. Last ride must be completed by 11:59 pm on the August 15th

Are downhill rides eligible?
Yes, however, all rides must be entered in CB ride database and be reviewed and approved by Cycle Burn Director.

What if a ride isn't listed?
You can simply click on the "Add Ride" link on the Rides page to add a new ride or send us an email and we would be happy to enter the ride for you. Keep in mind, all rides must be legitimate, and will be reviewed and approved by Cycle Burn Director.[email protected]

What if a ride distance, technical difficulty or physical difficulty is incorrect?
Send us an email and we would be happy to edit the ride.  Please keep an eye out for duplicates as well. [email protected]

Can I compete if I am not in the United States?
Yes. The Cycle Burn Challenge is open to mountain bikers from all states and countries of all skill levels. In order to compete we need to get your local rides listed on cycleburn.com so that you can enter ride laps and earn ride points. Contact us and we would be happy to get your local rides listed.

How are ride points calculated?
Earn ride points for each lap completed up to five laps per ride. Points are computed based on both Physical and Technical difficulty (as listed on the individual trails). Physical difficulty is dependent on both distance and grade - (longer distances have a higher multiplier than short distances of the same grade). Technical points are based on the terrain difficulty. Mileage is multiplied by the following factors.

  • Technical Difficulty Points: Easy = 0.5 pt, Moderate = 1 pt, Advanced =1.75 pts, Expert = 2.25 pt
  • Physical Difficulty Points: Easy = 0.5 pt, Moderate = 1 pts, Advanced = 1.75 pts, Expert = 2.25 pts
  • Example: Colorado Trail: Agate Creek - 35.5 miles with Moderate Technical and Advanced Physical rating. Technical points = mileage * factor = 35.5 * 1 = 35.5 points Physical points = mileage * factor = 35.5 * 1.75 = 62.1 point total (rounded) = Technical points + Physical Points = 35.5 + 62.1 = 97.6 = 98 points rounded

How many times can a team earn points for a ride?
The cap per ride is five rides per team member. Each member of the team can do one ride a maximum of five times. For example, five team members can ride Walker Ranch five times each for a total of 25 ride laps per team.

How many riders are allowed on a team?

Am I required to raised donations in order to compete?
No.  You may choose to compete only, or you may choose to raise donations only, or you may choose to compete and raise donations, your call.

How do I register?
Click on the "Register" link under the "Challenge" Tab and fill in the required team information. Each competitor must pay the registration fee as well as fill out an online waiver. Competitors will be unable to enter ride laps to earn ride points unless both registration and waiver are complete.

Can I register for more than one team?
No, competitors can only register on one team.

Can I switch teams once the challenge has started?

Can I change our team name once the challenge has started?

How much is the registration fee?
$15.00 for Tyke and Junior Divisions. $25.00 for High School Divisions. $45.00 for all other riders.

How do I donate?
All donations are being handled exclusively through PayPal. To submit a donation please visit our Donate page.

Can I send a check to make a donation?
No. We are only accepting donations via PayPal.

How much of the donation goes to the charities?

Are donations to the charities tax deductible?
Yes, donations are 100% tax deductible.

When will the winner for the most donations prize be determined?
The donation cutoff is August 20th. Any donations received after August 20 will not count toward prizes but will be happily received by our charities.  Winner will be announced shortly after the donation cutoff.

No Sandbagging Allowed
For example, if your team is registered in the Beginner division you shouldn't be riding Advanced rides.  Cycle Burn director may move your team into another division if sandbagging occurs.

How many divisions are there for the competition?

Which divisions can I choose from?
Solo, Beginner, Sport, Advanced, Fat Bike, Single Speed, Veteran (ages 40+), Women's, Unicycle, High School (ages 14-18), Junior (ages 5-13), and Tykes (ages 4 and under).

Does my team have to be in the same state?
No. Team members can register from any state, however, all rides must be listed on cycleburn.com to be eligible. If your local rides aren't listed let us know and we would be happy to enter the rides. Each ride must have Ride Name, Distance, Technical Difficulty, and Physical Difficulty to be eligible.

How soon after I complete a ride do I need to enter my ride laps?
As soon as possible and within 48 hours. Teams are excited to check the standings and rally based on standings so please try to enter ride laps as real-time as possible.

How do we enter ride laps if our team is out on a trip with no internet access and we are outside the 48-hour guideline?
The best way would be to give a call to someone back who has access to your team login information. You can show that person before you go on a trip how easy it is to enter rides and call them when you are done.

Is the Cycle Burn Challenge open to riders in other states?
Yes, all states are eligible to compete. However, all rides must be listed on the cycleburn.com so that you can enter your ride laps. We have over 4,000 rides so their is a good chance the ride is already on the site. Each ride listed on Cycle Burn must have Ride Name, Distance, Technical Difficulty, and Physical Difficulty. Directions are encouraged.

Does the entire team need to be present to earn ride points?
No. Your team does not have to ride together to earn ride points.

Do you have to always ride with a member of your team and is the option available to split up and ride with other friends?
No. You do not have to ride with a member of your team to earn ride points.

If we don't have five members on our team can we recruit new team member(s) during the competition? 
Yes.  Teams may recruit a new team member(s) if you have an open spot(s) during the challenge, however, no trading people in and out once the challenge starts.

Are road rides or rides on paved pathways eligible?
No.  The majority of the ride must be on a dirt trail or dirt road.

Who wins?
You can track your team's progress on the Standings page.  At the end of the 32 day event, the team in each division with the most ride points is crowned champion for that division.  We also award prizes for the overall top individuals and top donations.

What if I don't see my question in here?
We welcome all questions, please send email to: [email protected]

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