Cycle Burn Challenge
July 15 - August 15 2014

Cycle Burn proudly presents the third annual Cycle Burn Challenge competition and charity event, open to all mountain bikers of all skill levels. The challenge is simple – you and your friends create a team of up to five riders (or compete solo), and then bike as many rides as possible in 31 days. By the end of this month-long event, the team and individuals in each division with the most ride points are deemed the grand champion. To give your riding a purpose, the challenge has selected the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) as the benefitting charity. Your donations will help CAF to fulfill its mission to provide hope and opportunities to physically disabled athletes worldwide so they are able to participate in competitive sports and athletics. At the end of the event, the team in each division with the most ride points is crowned champion.

  • Begins sunrise July 15 and ends sunset August 15
  • Open to mountain bikers from all states of all skill levels
  • Choose a division that best matches your teams skill or compete solo (Beginner, Sport, Advanced, Solo, Veteran (ages 40+), Women's, Unicycle, Junior (ages 5-17), and Tykes (ages 4 and under)
  • $35 registration per competitor

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Cycle Burn Challenge has selected the Challenged Athletes Foundation® (CAF) as the official beneficiary of the event in an effort to raise money for this great cause. Your donation will help raise awareness and funds for individuals with physical disabilities so they can participate in life-affirming sports. To submit a donation please visit our Donate page. To learn more about the Challenged Athletes Foundation, go to:

Choose from seven divisions that best match your team’s skills.

  • Solo: Just you competing individually against other solo riders. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Advanced: Riders are advanced and capable of riding rugged trail surfaces, with frequent larger obstacles to negotiate.  Well developed handling skills are required, along with a high level of fitness.  All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Sport: Riders are moderate to advanced, capable of riding rough trail surfaces, with some obstacles to negotiate.  Average handling skills are required.  To prevent "sandbagging", individuals CANNOT ride Expert rated rides more than 25% of their total rides.  If you exceed 25% Expert ride limit you will be moved into the Expert division.  All Technically rated Easy, Moderate, and Advanced rides are eligible in this division.
  • Beginner: Riders who are new to the sport, or haven't been on the bike in awhile.  Teams should be capable of riding easy, smooth hard pack surfaces with few obstacles to negotiate.  Basic handling skills are required.  To prevent "sandbagging", individuals CANNOT ride Advanced or Expert rated rides more thatn 25% of their total rides.  If you exceed 25% Advanced/Expert ride limit you will be moved into the Sport division.  All Technically rated Easy and Moderate rides are eligible in this division.
  • Fatbike: All rides must be ridden using a "fatbike". All rides are eligible in this division.
  • High School League: Riders must be registered on a NICA High School League Cycling Team. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Veteran: Riders 40 years and older. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Unicycle: Must ride on a unicycle to earn ride points. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Women's: Women riders only. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Junior: Riders 17-5 years old. All rides are eligible in this division.
  • Tyke: Riders 4 years old and under. We encourage the use of Balance Bikes. Pump Tracks, BMX Tracks are eligible as long as rides are uploaded into Cycle Burn. All rides are eligible in this division.

Difficulty Ratings
The ride difficulty rating system is a method to categorize the technical and physical difficulty of a ride.

Technical Difficulty Ratings

  • Easy: Smooth hard pack surface, few obstacles to negotiate, basic handling skills required.
  • Moderate: Rough trail surface, some obstacles to negotiate, basic handling skills required.
  • Advanced: Rugged trail surface, frequent larger obstacles to negotiate, highly developed handling skills required.
  • Expert: Extremely difficult and unpredictable trail surface, unavoidable larger obstacles may be present, expert handling skills required.

Physical Difficulty Ratings

  • Easy: Not physically demanding. Good for beginners, or riders just getting back into the saddle. Some leg strength needed, but do not need to be able to manage elevated heart rate for extended periods of time.
  • Moderate: Legs need to have some strength, with ability to feel comfortable with an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time.
  • Advanced: Entire body must be trained and capable of dealing with high heart rate and anaerobic exercise for extended period of time. Legs, core, and lungs all need to be in good condition, as these rides are strenuous.
  • Expert: Feel the yearn to burn. Extremely strenuous, entire body workout, all parts must be in top physical condition, and capable of managing extremely high heart rate and anaerobic threshold for extended periods of time at altitude. This is typically combined with rough terrain, so expert bike handling skills while tired is also a necessity.

Ride Points
Earn ride points for each lap completed up to five laps per ride. Points are computed based on both Physical and Technical difficulty (as listed on the individual trails). Physical difficulty is dependent on both distance and grade - (Longer distances have a higher multiplier than short distances of the same grade). Technical points are based on the terrain difficulty. Mileage is multiplied by the following factors.

  • Technical Difficulty Points: Easy = 0.5 pt, Moderate = 1 pt, Advanced =1.75 pts, Expert = 2.25 pt
  • Physical Difficulty Points: Easy = 0.5 pt, Moderate = 1 pts, Advanced = 1.75 pts, Expert = 2.25 pts

Example: Colorado Trail: Agate Creek - 35.5 miles with Moderate Technical and Advanced Physical rating. Technical points = mileage * factor = 35.5 * 1 = 35.5 points Physical points = mileage * factor = 35.5 * 1.75 = 62.1 point total (rounded) = Technical points + Physical Points = 35.5 + 62.1 = 97.6 = 98 points rounded

All registered competitors must abide by all event rules. Competitors failing to adhere to the following rules may be disqualified at the discretion of the event staff.  Prizes will not be awarded to teams or individuals that do not follow the rules or are suspected of cheating.

  • Maximum team size is five riders, minimum team size is one rider. 
  • The cap per ride is five laps per member.  Each member of the team can do one ride a maximum of five laps.  For example, five team members can ride Walker Ranch five laps each for a total of 25 ride laps per team.
  • A lap includes the ascent and descent, unless the configuration is point to point.
  • All rides must be entered on to be eligible.
  • Hiking your bike around un-rideable or difficult sections is acceptable.
  • Competitors must register, pay registration fee and submit online waiver to be eligible to compete.
  • You can register a new team at any time during the event and are allowed to enter ride laps for each member from the previous 48 hours of registration.
  • Teams may recruit a new team member(s) if you have an open spot(s) during the challenge, however, no trading people in and out once the challenge starts.
  • In attempts to provide as close to real-time standings, competitors are responsible for entering in rides and donations online as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after completing the ride or are subject to disqualification.
  • Competitors can only be registered on one team.
  • Teams are not allowed to switch divisions once challenge has started.
  • Teams are not allowed to change team names once challenge has started.
  • Tykes/Juniors may enter 1 lap for Pump Track/BMX Track per day.
  • To ensure ride data integrity, ride details may be changed during the event, and may negatively or positively impact your ride points.
  • Competitors are obligated to report rides that they feel are rated (technically or physically) incorrect. Knowingly taking credit for a mis-rated ride is not cool.
  • Honor system applies, team member registration requires your real First Name, Last Name, Email and Address. 
  • Who wins?  At the end of the event, the team in each division with the most ride points, or most donations are crowned champions.

To view the real-time Standings reports visit our Standings page.

Prizes will be handed out or shipped to the winners.

For additional registration, event, or sponsor information please contact our Event Director: Paul Hemming - [email protected]

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